Artist Registration

Wow. You made it!

Every year we get 30000 demo submissions and we roughly review 6000 of them. We approve less then 5% of these submissions, and sign less then 0,1% of them. You are one of them. Congratulations! That is a major step.
By filling out this form you identify yourself as an artist that is looking for label signing or label services for our consideration. Giving us your contact info etc. allows us to stay in contact with you and identifying to us is required before you can enter into any contract with us.

It is every artist's dream to become an internationally distributed performer, with music videos, gigs and tours. That dream is alive. Here at Count Zero Records, we try to make dreams come true, but the price is simple: Blood, Sweat and Tears.

If you want to get started on the long road to stardom, you can consider registering LEGALLY as an artist with us. What does that mean? It does NOT mean that there is any contract between us, or that you or we have any obligation to do anything. It DOES mean that you provide us with your data - that we will need for ANY activity on your behalf - and that you are expressing interest in becoming an artist signed by Count Zero Records.

This is entirely optional, but we can not enter into any contracts with parties who do not fill out the registration form for obvious legal reasons.

We do want you to know how to succeed as an artist, what to expect from a record label and how to work in our team. Therefore, we have created an online course for you to take. This is a lot easier than to read a book or guide, and we kindly ask our future artists to take that FREE course we have spent a lot of time creating and preparing. Please subscribe and watch the videos there. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

To get the free online course, go to Music Business 101.