Be your own Boss! Advanced Musician

Own 100% of your masters. Keep 100% of your royalties. Be 100% your own Boss.


Starting Out Musician

Your career starts today
  • Professional Worldwide Distribution (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, Deezer, Tidal, Beatport and over 200+ Stores more!)
  • Unlimited Releases - Release as many Singles, EP's and Albums as you like with no extra costs.
  • Digital High-Quality Delivery for HD Listening
  • Distribution including Growth Markets India, China and Africa
  • Full Metadata Tagging
  • Your music on Airlines Inflight Entertainment
$80 $20 /month

Advanced Musician

Collect what you are owed
  • Everything in "Starting Musician" PLUS
  • Sync Licensing – Your music in TV Shows, Movies and Videos
  • Worldwide High-Quality Publishing
  • Direct PRO fee collection and multiregistration
  • Sync and Sub Licensing
  • Online Licensing for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Cover and Remix Licensing – For other artists wanting to remix your songs
$160 $40 /month

Professional Musician

Launch your Pro Career
  • Everything in "Performing Musician" PLUS
  • Professional, in-person Music Industry Manager. You will be assigned your personal, professional music industry manager.
  • Career Planning and Advancement with your Manager. Get crucial guidance from an expert and avoid getting stuck in bad contracts.
  • Music Business Advice and Consulting with your Manager and our Team.
  • Music Industry Networking and Pitching. We will use our contact on your behalf and pitch you to muisc buyers and concert promoters.
$640 $160 /month

Rising Star Musician

Play Gigs Worldwide
  • Everything in "Professional Musician" PLUS
  • Worldwide Booking Services by our Expert Agent Network. Our Booking Team works for you to secure Bookings on large international events.
  • Festival Performances Worldwide. We will use our contacts to secure Festival Placements.
  • Touring and Venue Performances Booking. Our Bookers will work with you to create a tour and work out deals with venues.
  • TV and Radio Appearances Arrangement. Promote yourself on TV and Radio by using our contacts in the Industry.
$1040 $260 /month


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