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Sales Charts

1Ken TuckerCome on overApple MusicAlbumCyprusBlues
15Matthew ReidSilver WaterfalliTunesSingleIrelandSinger / Songwriter
29Christian ValeApréndiSwiss Offical ChartsSingleSwitzerlandTotal Sales
45AViiiOGood TimesDeezerSingleArmeniaElectro
60Ken TuckerGreatest Hits - 30 Years of BluesDeezerAlbumCanadaCountry
60Ken TuckerGreatest Hits - 30 Years of BluesDeezerAlbumUSACountry
60Ken TuckerGreatest Hits - 30 Years of BluesDeezerAlbumUnited KingdomCountry
60Ken TuckerGreatest Hits - 30 Years of BluesDeezerAlbumWORLDWIDECountry
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumFranceBlues
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumCanadaBlues
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumBrazilBlues
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumMexicoBlues
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumUSABlues
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumWORLDWIDEBlues
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumGermanyBlues
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumNetherlandsBlues
64Ken TuckerCome on overDeezerAlbumUnited KingdomBlues
81Ken TuckerCome on overApple MusicAlbumJapanBlues
85Ken TuckerGreatest Hits - 30 Years of BluesDeezerAlbumMexicoCountry
85Ken TuckerGreatest Hits - 30 Years of BluesDeezerAlbumFranceCountry
94AViiiOGood TimesDeezerSingleArmeniaDance
94Ken TuckerCome on overApple MusicAlbumCyprusTotal Sales
123AViiiOGood TimesiTunesSingleRussian FederationDance
134AViiiOGood TimesApple MusicSingleQatarDance
200Matthew ReidSilver WaterfalliTunesSingleIrelandTotal Sales
Sales Charts are generated by various providers and represent the total amount of sales an album or single has made in a certain time period, a certain market, and a certain genre.

Music Professional Charts

16Christian ValeApréndiDDJSingleWorldwideLatin
34Ken TuckerJunkyard Hot RodDDJSingleWorldwidePop
45Christian ValeApréndi - Salsa VersionDDJSingleWorldwideLatin
51Christian ValeCuando El TiempoDDJSingleWorldwideLatin
58Moreover's New Trick & Ken TuckerNo Better PlaceDDJSingleWorldwidePop
59Christian ValeCancion De AmorDDJSingleWorldwideLatin
67Matthew ReidRise AboveDDJSingleWorldwidePop
67Christian ValeCuando El Tiempo
(Chello Version)
74AViiiOCan't get enoughDDJSingleWorldwideHouse
109Matthew ReidSilver WaterfallDDJSingleWorldwidePop
138Ken TuckerHang my headDDJSingleWorldwidePop
153AViiiO & AmeleoTanz with your Swans!DDJSingleWorldwideElectronic
202AViiiO & Rene LuengoGood TimesDDJSingleWorldwideElectronic
216Ken TuckerTin Cup BluesDDJSingleWorldwidePop
232Dr. SkendySilver GrayDDJSingleWorldwideElectronic
266Ken TuckerHighway 61DDJSingleWorldwidePop
270Dr. SkendyBootLoopDDJSingleWorldwideElectronic
290Dr. SkendyCold FutureDDJSingleWorldwideElectronic
307Ken TuckerLooking at a brighter dayDDJSingleWorldwidePop
309AViiiO & Tom MaddsonMarsDDJSingleWorldwideElectronic
335Ken TuckerCall me upDDJSingleWorldwidePop
342Ken TuckerWhy do you hurt meDDJSingleWorldwidePop
347AViiiOShake down (and boogie)DDJSingleWorldwideHouse
423RelloTalk is cheapDDJSingleWorldwideRap
438RelloHow i'm comin'DDJSingleWorldwideRap
According to the accumulated statistics of all DJ and music professional pools we participate in, we generate a Chart ranking for songs released by the label. These numbers represent the highest position that that song has achieved in the charts of its genre.