03.02.2020 By Count Zero Records Off

Christian Vale joins Count Zero Records!

Today we are very proud to welcome charting #latino #musician, #realityTV star and #lawyer (you would never have guessed that) Christian Vale @christian.vale to @countzerorecords. Christian Vale has appeared on a rendition of #bigbrother in #Venezuela, been a moderator on Venezuelan TV and chart-breaking #singer and #songwriter. ⁣

⁣We recently talked to Christian about a new project and had a very awesome recording session, during which we got along so well that he decided to join us, and we are so happy about it!⁣

⁣Christian will be releasing a modern latino album this year which we are already recording, and all we can say is that this summer is going to be HOT!⁣

⁣Christian brings his trademark full, vibrant and clear voice, combined with a lively songwriting talent and will take you from classical love songs to lively and modern dance tunes.⁣

⁣Be prepared to be amazed. ⁣