Corona Virus Online Flash Mob
March 17, 2020 By Count Zero Records Off

Corona Virus Online Flash Mob

Corona Virus Online Flash Mob

Dear fans!

As we and our musicians struggle with social isolation, quarantine, lockdown and the cancellation of all gigs, we want to let you know that WE are not giving up.

In this time of international pandemic, where many of us and you are forced to sit at home, we have decided to


as long as this crisis lasts. We know that many of you are already enjoying our artist’s music on streaming services (which – by the way – do not pay our artists fairly) but we also know that many of our fans do not have access to our music due to the lack of means or technology.

This is why we have created a website where you can 


without any streaming client, software, app or whatever totally


until we have beat this global crisis.

We have decided to remove the limitations of the store (usually you can listen to half of the songs as a preview) and let all of our fans access all of the songs for free.

So while you are at home, we are with you.

In closing, we would like to ask you to please support our artists in these trying times and consider buying an album in our store, where artists get 50% extra. A lot of musicians are hurting right now.

Thank you so much for being our fans, you are awesome, you are the reason why we exist and we love you!

And while you are at it, stay updated about our AWESOME artists, our music and videos, shows and festivals and join the VIP Club 🙂 ALSO you will get some SWEET SWEET special thank-you discount VIP coupons. 🙂

Click the RED button below to get to the free music offer.

Just select the album you want to listen to, click it, and all tracks will be available 100% for free 100% full and 100% great 320k quality. Just click the play button next to the track names: