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Count Zero Records is a registered trademark. Count Zero Records Inc. is a registered company of Delaware / USA. Count Zero Records is a division of Monte Alto Venture d.o.o. of Zagreb / Croatia. Moodee Cactus Records, Saint Jerome Music and Tumble Honey Records are brands of Count Zero Records Inc. MP4W Records is a subsidiary and partner label of Count Zero Records Inc. 

Count Zero Records grant the users of the “Count Zero Records Discord Music Bot” the limited, revokable and non-commercial right to play the musical works contained in the bot’s playlists on the server the bot is on for private non-commerical uses.

This right dows not entitle any user to sell, resell or commercially exploit in any way the bot, the songs licensed in this way, or any works viewed through the bot such as cover art, artists names, artists likelyness etc. The license is purely for private and noncommercial use. The license can be revoked at any time. The license is only valid if the bot’s function is unhindered and unaltered by the user. 

The Owner holds and reserves all intellectual property rights for any content.

Software license

Any intellectual or industrial property rights, and any other exclusive rights on software or technical applications embedded in or related to this Bot are held by the Owner and/or its licensors.

Subject to Users’ compliance with and notwithstanding any divergent provision of these Terms, the Owner merely grants Users a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to use the software and/or any other technical means embedded in the Service within the scope and for the purposes of this Website and the Service offered.

This license does not grant Users any rights to access, usage or disclosure of the original source code. All techniques, algorithms, and procedures contained in the software and any documentation thereto related is the Owner’s or its licensors’ sole property.

All rights and license grants to Users shall immediately terminate upon any termination or expiration of the Agreement.

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Monte Alto Venture d.o.o.

Mrkopaljska ulica 5

1000 Zagreb


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