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Count Zero Records signs Mutey

FOR RELEASE ON 6th February 2021 AT 08:00

Contact: Mrs. Margareta Kutnjak Mavridis
Phone: +385 98 1745 497
Email: margareta.mavridis@montealtoventure.com

Count Zero Records signs Mutey

The disruptive label steps further into DSP and TV

(Zagreb, Croatia, 02/06/21) 

Today we are very happy to announce that Count Zero Records Inc. has just signed Mutey.

Mutey is an audio/video producer and electronic music artist that will not only be a producer and artist on the label but head the label group’s upcoming TV station, “Count Zero Records TV”.

The multi-talented Audio / Video producer makes EDM / Trance type music when he appears as an artist, but will work closely with the label to create visual content for DSP and TV and also head the programming for the station.

With this signing, Count Zero Records Group steps forward on their path of “direct-to-fan” music business and more into creating and providing digital A/V content independently. This means extending a hand to fans by creating DSP content delivery channels that connect artists and fans faster, easier, more directly, and without any middlemen.

“Mutey is a great fit for the label and a step in the direction we want to go: More great content delivered straight from the artists to the fans,” CZRG President Georg P. Mavridis said at the announcement.

(Record Label, Studio operator and Publisher Count Zero Records – a leading independent record label – and all its subsidiaries are part of the Monte Alto Venture d.o.o. group headquartered in Zagreb/Croatia in Europe. )


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Mrs. Margareta Kutnjak Mavridis at +385 98 1745 497 , or email margareta.mavridis@montealtoventure.com

Count Zero Records signs Mutey
Count Zero Records signs Mutey