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We suggest you fill out these forms on a computer, laptop or tablet. While it is possible to do this on a phone, we wouldn't recommend it. Please also take 5 minutes to follow us on our social channels before you start with the form. This way you can keep in touch with us and get the latest info on all of our activities.
We do want you to know how to succeed as an artist, what to expect from a record label and how to work in our team. Therefore, we have created an online course for you to take. This is a lot easier than to read a book or guide, and we kindly ask our future artists to take that FREE course we have spent a lot of time creating and preparing. Please subscribe and watch the videos there. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
To get the free online course, go to Music Business 101.
We do require 3 (three) demo submissions. These songs need to be 3 different (not three times the same song, or some empty file) 🙂 songs. If you submit less then 3 songs, your submission will not be processed.