Emerging Artists Program
November 18, 2019 By Count Zero Records Off

Emerging Artists Program

Emerging Artists Program

Starting out is hard. And the music industry is no different.

You feel like you are in a catch-22 situation, where you lack songs, credibility, and experience, and because of that, you do not get the chance to gain songs, credibility, and experience.

Essentially nobody wants to work with you because you are unknown, and you are unknown because nobody wants to work with you.

The only “friends” you have are self-distribution outlets, streaming media providers, and online advertisers.

Buy our EPK. Release your music with us and pay for it. Upload your material to our free website and don’t get paid. Buy Instagram followers. Pay 20 and get playlisted.

The world is full of people who are ready to take your money.

Today, we are offering you a break.

The Count Zero Records Emerging Artists Program is for artists who have released less than a full album so far but are serious about being artists.

If you are ready to work 10+ hours a day for your music career, have a team attitude and a down-to-earth character that plays well with others, this is it.

We love what we do and we do what we love.

No exceptions.

As a label, we are not beholden to any pressure – economic or artistic or otherwise – that others might have, due to our unique structure.

So today, I invite you – that sad girl in the fifth row.

You – that boy that can’t pay his rent.

All of you.

To take a chance.

Love you!