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Submitting your demo to us does not give us any rights to any of your works whatsoever. Other then some labels (like Spi**** Records) we do not require or aquire (in well-hidden Terms of Service in a offsite pdf) any Copyright to your works during the demo process. We are a 100% ethical company. You are 100% safe.

We are real. No weird stuff.

Other then many “Copyright Sharks” on the web, we are a registered company. You can visit us. In person. We exist. We are Count Zero Records, a division of Monte Alto Venture d.o.o., a registered and licensed company constituted in Zagreb / Croatia / Europe under the ID HR 73323570272. Our Record Label is at Mrkopaljska ulica 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. You can check the Croatian Company register here:

Get heard, seen, followed, rated and signed !

Getting your music heard by fans can be hard. We want to help you, so we created the Count Zero Records Talent pool where you can do just that. But wait, there’s more ! In addition to the free exposure your demos will also be reviewed by our A&R team and you will receive feedback on us about them and your prospects of getting signed to the label.

Grow your fanbase & rate other artists !

Grow your fanbase by providing cool demos, information about yourself and links to your social media! Here you can upload your demo songs, Soundcloud links and Youtube videos and get heard by our fans and fellow musicians. Be cool and rate other artist’s demos and help them to improve and grow!

The highest rated artists will be considered for label signing.

It’s easy to get started. Totally easy, Totally free. 

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