Ken Tucker

Ken Tucker is a Blues / Country / Americana artist from Terre Haute, Indiana, USA. With his 7 albums and over 80 songs, Ken has achieved more than 20 chart placements all over the world. 

With real, down-to-earth, gritty but always perfectly played guitar parts Ken impresses live and on his Records. He writes, performs, and plays multiple instruments. It does not get any more real than Ken. 

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Ken Tucker


Ken Tucker

I play the Blues.

My father was a musician and i followed in his footsteps. Ever since i was little i wanted to be a musician, but it was the first time that i heard blues that i knew it.

– I wanted to be a blues man.

I never looked back.

I met the most awesome people, played incredible gigs, and was blessed by the Lord to have so much of the music I love in my life.

Recently my records have been heard all over the world and I am excited to go on tour in 2022 and bring the best songs of my career to your hometown.

I look forward to meeting you all and I thank you for supporting me all these years,



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