Publishing & Sync Deal

World Class PNS Service. Unlimited Songs.

  • Sync Licensing

    Sync Licensing – Sync for any video, any movie, anywhere

  • Worldwide Publishing

    Music Publishing – Worldwide publishing service

  • Movies

    Movie Licensing – Promoting / Pitching to Red Bull, Movie Studios, etc.

  • TV Shows

    TV show licensing – Promoting / Pitching to Netflix, Amazon, etc.

  • Advertisements

    Advertisement Licensing – Promoting / Pitching to McDonals, BMW, etc.

  • Online Licensing

    General Song Licensing – For Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

  • Cover and Remix Licensing

    Cover and Remix Licensing – For other artists wanting to remix our managed works

  • Song rights execution and management

    Song rights execution and management – Over 100 violations per year fought

  • Publishing Royalty Collection

    Publishing Royalty Collection – Helping to collect PRO payments

  • Publishing Rights Administration

    Publishing Rights Administration – Full rights management for publishing

Unlimited Songs for one Artist!

The Publishing Solution your music deserves!

Excellent Publishing and Sync.

Worldwide Service.

Affordable and monthly.

Monthly Publishing Packages
Publishing & Sync Deal

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Annual Publishing Packages
Publishing & Sync Deal