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    One of Count Zero Records’ most distinguished artists, Ken Tucker, was recently involved in a severe traffic accident and had to be airlifted to a major hospital where he is currently being treated and is in critical but stable condition.

    Count Zero Records, Moodee Cactus Records, all of our staff, and all of our artists wish him well, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

    We have reached out to the family and are asking fans and supporters to give Ken well wishes on this post and to give the family some space in this difficult time.

    Please support Ken Tucker by clicking the link in this post and make a small donation for the inescapable medical costs to help Ken during his time of convalescence.

    We are suspending all of Ken’s gigs and recording sessions for an indefinite amount of time and will keep you updated.

    The Count Zero Records Group Team

    Moreover's New Trick & Ken Tucker

    Support for Ken Tucker’s Medical Costs

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    Become a Ken Tucker fan, support your favorite artist, and get cool exclusives! With your contribution, you help Ken to keep making music and show your love and support for him. You will get exclusive access to special fan material, mailing lists, and events.

    Become a patron of Ken Tucker

    Become a patron of Ken Tucker

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