The Rising Star Deal

Own 100% of your masters. Keep 100% artistic control. Be 100% your own Boss.

Count Zero Records is building long-term music careers, with different deals at different stages:

Rising Star Core

Your career starts today
  • Our A&R team thinks you are a great fit because you have (for example) more then 100.000 plays, place in a music industry professionals chart, sell out small concerts or receive primetime radio play. Artists include Karma's Tea, Dr. Skendy, Max Vizion and more!
  • Professional Worldwide Distribution (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, Deezer, Tidal, Beatport and over 200+ Stores more!). Unlimited Releases - Release as many Singles, EP's and Albums as you like with no extra costs. Distribution including Growth Markets India, China and Africa. Your music on Airlines Inflight Entertainment.
  • Analytics. We help you flip streams into insights with in-depth analytics of your songs. We're proud to have a comprehensive streaming analytics platform.
  • A&R Discovery & Upstream. Our global A&R team monitors everything and constantly searches for opportunities to lend a hand to Count Zero artists gaining traction in interesting ways.
%15 of revenue

Rising Star Plus

Your career is taking off
  • Our A&R team thinks you are a great fit because you have been in the "Core" team before, but have grown to have (for example) 1.000.000 streams, tour in larger venues or place in a sales chart. Artists include: Ken Tucker, Matthew Reid, AViiiO, Christian Vale and more!
  • Professional, in-person Music Industry Manager. You will be assigned your personal, professional music industry manager.
  • Project Funding. When we see momentum, we will contribute funding to your project. We usually take a few more percentage points and will recoup from the project’s earnings, but you control the budget and are free to make your next move after the campaign.
  • Sync Licensing – Your music in TV Shows, Movies and Videos. Our global team will seek opportunities to place your music in key playlists, plus film & TV, ads, movie trailers, and anywhere else we think we can help you get exposure.

Rising Star Record Deal

Become a Worldwide Star
  • Our A&R team thinks you are a great fit because you have been in the "Plus" team before, but have grown to over 5.000.000 streams, have significant success in sales charts or play large gigs.
  • Elevated Funding. We put up money and you approve the marketing budget, keep creative control, and always own 100% of your masters. We'll take a percentage of revenue that depends on the deal, but you always keep the lion’s share.
  • Worldwide Artist Marketing. We put the muscle of our worldwide marketing team behind you, from digital campaigns, to brand collaborations, social rollouts, and whatever else it takes to push your project up the charts.
  • Worldwide Booking Services by our Expert Agent Network. Our Booking Team works for you to secure Bookings on large international events. Festival Performances Worldwide. We will use our contacts to secure Festival Placements. Touring and Venue Performances Booking. Our Bookers will work with you to create a tour and work out deals with venues.


Rising Star

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