Count Zero Records VIP Access Package

459.39 399.00

Ever wished you could skip any line, chill out with the artists, get free stuff and see behind the curtain on what goes on inside a label?

Did you want to get immediate FULL ONLINE ACCESS to ALL of our music? With the VIP Access package you will get immediate full access to all of our material, online and offline. Yours to keep. Forever.

  1. Access to ALL of our music FOR FREE online and offline.
  2. Play over 70 songs on your phone or mobile device, straight from our website, or download them to your devices.

But wait, there’s more!

With this package, you will also get INCREDIBLE REAL LIFE access to our music, artists and events, and will never need to wait in line with the rest of the crowd again. Be the VIP you deserve to be!

  1. Access to ALL of our Gigs, Concerts, Festivals, Release parties, and label events FOR FREE and SKIP ANY LINE!
  2. VIP Tier #1 Access at every Label Event – You go straight to our label area and will be seated with the artists, label staff, and execs.
  3. You will even get VIP Tier #1 Access at many non-Label Events featuring our artists.

When you buy the Count Zero Records Official VIP T-Shirt we will put your name on the VIP guest and access list of our events. While it would be cool and helpful for you to wear the shirt at the events you go to, you don’t have to. Just ID yourself at the door and you will be taken to the VIP area.

This offer is available in strictly limited quantities.