The 100 Development Deal

Get 100% service. Get 100% exposure. Get 100% gigs. Get 100% the best chance to become a star.

Get 100% the best chance to become a star.

The 100 Development Deal

Because we believe in you.
  • Our A&R team thinks you have the potential to become a star. They believe in you SO MUCH, that they are willing to put their own work, time and money on the line for you. Wow.
  • 100% Full-Scale services of our record label, at your command. ALL Services, ALL the time. Day and Night. Worldwide.
  • 100 years of experience working for you. Experienced Industry professionals will be your mentors and guides and help you in any way necessary. You are part of the family.
  • 100% the best chance to make it. You are assisted by our team of professionals and will never have to walk alone again. No other program has this high of a sucess rate. Not even close.


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2021 collection

Let’s face it, no look is really complete without the right finishes. Just as no music collection is ever complete. That’s why we figured we would give it all to you for free. Yea. We’re like that. Not forever though. If you grab an account today, you can get Count Zero Records Premium Music for free. Cool, Right? Yaaaas.