Count Zero Records®

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Count Zero Records® is an independent record label that helps artists fulfill their vision by providing international sales & distribution, marketing, legal advice, contracting, facilities, management, sync, publishing, training, and much more to its artists.

We operate 5 labels (Count Zero Records, Count Zero Records Inc., Saint Jerome Music, Tumble Honey Records, and Moodee Cactus Records) in 3 countries (Austria, Croatia and the USA)

With over 300 distribution partners, 300+ licensed songs, 50+ artists and 30+ chart placements, Count Zero Records is already among the largest independent labels in the home markets. As a worldwide record label, we work internationally (With the biggest market being the USA), but pride ourselves on offering distribution and marketing for the Asian and African growth regions as well.

Our Studio, Studio Zero is a modern Digital / Analog Studio in which our Chart Hits were created. Working with internationally successful Songwriters, Producers, and Musicians, we are more than just a Studio.

Count Zero Records Publishing represents our works internationally. As a Publisher, we monetize works for TV- Film- and Music Productions and give our artists access to Sync licensing, Cover, Remix, and sub-licensing.

At Count Zero Records we all – Owner, Managers, Staff, and Artists – work on a purely percentage-based system and do not charge any fees to our artists. Instead, every artist receives a percentage of all net proceeds of every song they worked on – for example as singer, rapper, producer, or songwriter.

Our external and partner producers, legal experts, marketing specialists, etc. also work only on a percentage basis, with no up-front fees, and actually, no fees at all.

That is because they believe in the artists they are working with.

That’s why we as an independent record label are offering free music licensing for independent creators, so you can

Rock on!


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