What we do. What we love.

Studio ( Studio Zero )

  • Songwriting – Over 300 Songs in our catalog
  • Recording – Free Studio use for our Artists
  • Arrangement – World-class arrangement for all genres
  • Production – Chart-making In-house production
  • Mixing – inside the box, or outside the Box with Soundcraft Mixers
  • Mastering – Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Mastering
  • Quality Control – World Class Review service
  • Demo Rating / Grading – Seasoned Staff to grade and advise

Publishing ( Count Zero Media )

  • Music Publishing – Worldwide publishing service
  • TV show licensing – Promoting / Pitching to Netflix, Amazon, etc.
  • Movie Licensing – Promoting / Pitching to Red Bull, Movie Studios, etc.
  • Advertisement Licensing – Promoting / Pitching to McDonals, BMW, etc.
  • Cover and Remix Licensing – For other artists wanting to remix our managed works
  • Song rights execution and management – Over 100 violations per year fought
  • Publishing Royalty Collection – Helping to collect PRO payments
  • Publishing Rights Administration – Full rights management for publishing
  • General Song Licensing – For use on Youtube, Facebook etc.
  • Sub Licensing – We work with world-class Publishers as Subs
  • Sync Licensing – Sync for any video, any movie, anywhere

Record Label ( Count Zero Records )

  • Artists & Repertoire – Over 30.000 musicians and bands ask us to get signed every year. We work through 6.000 of the most promising submissions and pick 15 artists to sign.
  • Artist Management – Protecting the best interest of the artist with university-grade managers with 25+ years of industry experience.
  • Distribution – We deliver to over 300 stores worldwide, including Asia and India. More than almost anybody else.
  • Booking – We have an inhouse booking crew, and external booking partners to book gigs, festivals, TV appearances, etc. for our artists.
  • Music Promotion – We promote music to over 60.000 industry professionals and over 1.000.000 fans.
  • Copyright Enforcement – Full and automatic enforcement with digital means and a legal team.
  • Royalty Collection – Collection of Sales revenues and Royalties fro around the world.
  • Performing and Mechanical Rights Enforcement – We help artists dealing with PRO’s.
  • Artist Administration – Bookkeeping, Tax, Visas, Travel, Lodging and more.
  • Public Relations – Professional PR to the top 10.000 industry professionals we network with. Social media PR to over 1.000.000 fans.
  • Marketing – Market access with over 40 channels worldwide.
  • Event Organisation – Organisation of events, festivals and label gigs.
  • Merchandise – Full range of over 200 merchandise items available qworldwide within 3-5 business days.
  • eCommerce – Full inhouse eCommerce Solution for selling artists music and merch with high returns for artists.

Digital Content ( Digital Zero )

  • Live Stream Production – We produce FHD and 4kHD Live Streams in our Video Studio and broadcast them to all continents and 20+ channels.
  • Digital Content Creator Licensing – We license music to creators all over the world for use in their creations – like live streams, Youtube videos etc.
  • Multichannel Promotion – Digital Marketing on over 40 channels worldwide with an accumulated audience of over 1.000.000 fans.
  • Live Shows – With streaming live shows like “Record Label Boss” aand “Meg’s Beauty” we reach over 400.000 viewers weekly – thats over a million every month that tune in – and promote our labels’ music and artists.
  • Discord Community building – We have the world’s largest Discord community of any record label, with thousands of fans participating and hundrets of fans online at any time, 24/7.
  • We are building “Count Zero Records TV” a worldwide 24/7 digital TV station to be launched this year, featuring the label’s artists, music, live streams and more.

See you on stage!