Matthew Reid – Rise Above


If we walk away
Silver Waterfall
Rise Above
Last Chance
As Time Goes By
Sometimes We Are All Blind (feat. Keeva Reid)
Different Days
Calling Out
Soul Survivor
Shining (feat. Jester)
Stand In Command (feat. Jester)

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With his new album “Rise Above” the Singer / Songwriter delivers a clear, airy sound of lush landscapes and Irish dreams. If you are looking for original, heartfelt, no-nonsense, straight Irish guitar-driven music, it does not get more real then Matthew Reid’s “Rise Above”. The well-engineered and modern album is a breeze to listen to and will surprise you with its musical range going from classic but modernized genre songs like  “Silver Waterfall” to daring fusions like “Soul Survior”. Listen to it. You won’t stop.


Support Matthew! If you buy his new album directly from us Matthew will receive DOUBLE the amount he would get if you would have bought it from other stores (Like Spotify, iTunes, etc.)!


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