January 18, 2022 By Count Zero Records 0

GIYA delivers a cool and sensual ballad

GIYA’s “Upside Down” starts with a breezing short intro, quickly joined by clear, crisp vocals and a funky foot-tapping bass line that immediately demands attention.

The lyrics are well-written with catchy phrases and good imagery, weaving effortlessly through the rhythm section to create a rich, full sound.

Some of the more minor elements of the song, like the backing vocals, feel a bit uniform compared to the flow of the melody, but the track overall is pleasant to listen to. It would not be out of place heard at dinner, in the car, or even added to an exercise playlist.

Producer Opinion: GIYA’s “Upside Down” delivers what many try: To be sensual and cool. GIYA delivers the entire song in a matter that reminds me of many famous french singers in a good way. Pretty nice!

GIYA on our "The Independent Musician Playlist"

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