October 29, 2019 By Count Zero Records Off

Ken Tucker breaks Top 40

BREAKING NEWS: It is with the greatest happiness that we announce today that one of our most accomplished and deserving artists has broken Top 40 in the DDJ Pop charts. 

KenTucker’s  “Junkyard Hot Rod” will be released to the general public November 1st, but is already on preorder, with his new album “Come on over” on Apple Music. 

Preorder the album!

Please follow the link and support Ken, who has had his fair share of adversity in his life. We are so happy to have him, and we are totally excited to see how his album “Come on over” will do. We love & Thank you all so much !

ALSO, check out the brand new music video!

If you don’t know Ken, you are missing something! He is a blues and guitar music veteran that has appeared on national TV Blues and music shows, written and recorded over 70 songs and earned a LOT of accolades in the blues and country world.