November 27, 2019 By Count Zero Records Off

Our first #1 hit!

There are things you hope might happen, but you never know if they do. One of these things is that one of your #recordlabel ’s #artist ’s charts.

Today #countzerorecords is EXTREMELY proud to announce that @kentuckerofficial ’s album #comeonover has hit the #1 spot in the @applemusic Blues Album #charts in #Cyprus.

Also, the album has placed #81 in the #japan Blues charts, making this album the first-ever album of our label to hit the first place in a commercial chart.

My #love and #gratitude to Ken Tucker, who has made this possible, my artists, my family and the people that believe in my artists and me. Please support Ken and listen to his awesome album. We love you all. ⁣

Ken Tucker

Ken Tucker Blues The Ken Tucker Band

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