AViiiO – Versus


Tanz with your Swans!
Good Times
Shake down ( and boogie )
Can't get enough

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AViiiO is an electronic music producer, studio and record label owner from Graz / Austria that has started music in the ’80s on Commodore Amiga using Fasttracker and Noisetracker. His tracks blend styles from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s in an electro/house/ dance fusion that has strong melodies, intriguing arrangements, and stomping beats.

He has been compared to “Adult Depeche Mode”, as invoking the style of C&C Music Factory and then crossing over to modern Lady Gaga and especially Daft Punk. His energetic songs find their way into listeners’ ears by their marriage of modern EDM music and disco-pop and club styles of past decades.

AViiiO made his first real song in 1987, but you are unlikely to ever hear it, unless you were in the Amiga demo scene at the time, and it has not been released on music publishing yet. Making music for demos and games, AViiiO graduated to making music in the form of full songs in the ’90s.

Why you should care:

• He masterfully blends the music of the decades into modern danceable songs

• He creates sophisticated, yet simple to get into arrangements

• Every song has a unique idea, century or spark

• He has a whole record label full of great artists he also produces

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