Dr. Skendy – BootLoop


1. White Intro
2. BootLoop (Radio Version)
3. Silver Gray
4. Practic Systematics
5. Cold Future
6. Necropolis
7. Past Vision
8. Diary of Insults
9. Seeds of Sadness
10. Sound of Nature
11. Pray for Proeski
12. Dark Outro
13. BootLoop (Club Version)

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Dr. Skendy is an electronic music producer with decades of experience from Banja Luka. He works on producing, songwriting and sync licensing, as many of his compositions are instrumental and thematically diverse. The 20 02 2020 debut album of OG DJ and mystical electronica producer Skendy features a total of 6 music videos made by the multi-talented man himself. If you want to expand your electronic horizon, this is it.

Support Dr. Skendy! If you buy Dr. Skendy’s new album directly from us the artist will receive DOUBLE the amount he would get if you would have bought it from other stores (Like Spotify, iTunes etc.)!


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