Ken Tucker – Greatest Hits – 30 Years of Blues


1. Hang my head
2. You love me
3. Call me up
4. Why do you hurt me?
5. The sun is always shinin'
6. Looking for a brighter day
7. Let it slide
8. Highway 61
9. The King is coming
10. Tin Cup Blues
11. Cold rain comin'
12. Lord you're all i need (Remastered)

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For all the fans of Ken Tucker and Blues, “Ken Tucker – Greatest Hits – 30 Years of Blues” is a decade-spanning masterfully crafted blues album that covers an amazing artist’s journey through life, love, faith, darkness, hope, and light. It’s all in here.

Ken has an impressive 72 song track record with national TV appearances, many collabs, and a vibrant catalog. Also, look out for his new album on Count Zero Records – it will literally rock you.

Support Ken! If you buy his new album directly from us Ken will receive DOUBLE the amount he would get if you would have bought it from other stores (Like Spotify, iTunes, etc.)!


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