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Count Zero Records Announces Ambitious Projects for 2024 and Beyond


**Count Zero Records Announces Ambitious Projects for 2024 and Beyond**

[Zagreb, Croatia, January 2024] – Count Zero Records, a leader in the global music industry, is proud to unveil a series of groundbreaking projects set to redefine the landscape of music and entertainment. These initiatives, which extend into 2024 and beyond, demonstrate our unwavering commitment to innovation, artist development, and delivering unparalleled cultural experiences.

**New Headquarters: A Hub of Artistic Innovation**

Our new headquarters, strategically located on the Croatian coast, will serve as a central hub for our global operations and creative endeavors. This facility will not only enhance our presence in the European music scene but also foster international collaborations and cultural exchanges in a setting that inspires creativity and growth.

**State-of-the-Art Recording Studio**

We are excited to announce the development of a cutting-edge recording studio at our headquarters. This studio, merging analog warmth with digital precision, will be a beacon for artists across genres, offering top-tier recording, mixing, and mastering capabilities.

**Global Artists’ Residency Program**

Our international artists’ residency program will offer a unique space for creativity and collaboration, welcoming artists from around the world. This program is designed to nurture global artistic collaboration, providing resources and space for artists to develop new projects and engage with diverse cultural influences.

**Dynamic In-House Productions**

A major focus will be on in-house productions with globally recognized producers, aiming to create music that resonates across cultures and genres. These collaborations will lead to a fusion of musical styles, producing chart-topping hits and critically acclaimed albums.

**Expansion into Book Publishing and Film Production**

Venturing into book publishing and film production, we aim to explore new storytelling formats, merging them with our musical heritage. These new divisions will focus on works that resonate with our musical themes and cinematic content that aligns with our artistic vision.

**Innovative DJ-Driven Club and Merchandise Shop**

We plan to establish a DJ-driven club on the Croatian coast, featuring music from our artists, coupled with a shop offering exclusive merchandise. This venue will serve as a cultural hotspot for music enthusiasts and a new promotional platform for our artists.

**Event Beach for Live Summer Performances**

Our vision includes creating an event beach for live performances during the summer season. This venue will host a variety of music events, providing a unique coastal setting for live performances and becoming a staple in the summer music scene.

**International Event Operation**

In collaboration with MP4W Records and our partners in the USA, we are set to organize international music events, initially focusing on Croatia and the northern USA. This initiative marks our entry into the global music event industry, showcasing diverse talents and providing platforms for global musical exchange.

**A Vision for the Future**

These ambitious projects outline our journey for the years to come. Each initiative is a step towards our goal of being a global leader in music and entertainment, continually pushing the boundaries of the industry.

*Count Zero Records is committed to leading the evolution of the global music scene, ensuring that our artists and audiences always have access to the most innovative and culturally rich musical experiences.*

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Count Zero Records is a globally recognized music label headquartered in Croatia, known for its innovative approach to music production, artist development, and creating immersive cultural experiences.