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Count Zero Records Stands Against Hate in Music

ZAGREB, Croatia – 3.12.2023 – Count Zero Records, a leader in ethical music production and distribution, today reaffirms its unwavering stance against all forms of hate spread through music. Recent events have brought to the forefront the need for a collective stand against songs that incite violence and discrimination.

While Count Zero Records does not comment on specific artists or tracks without a thorough review, we are deeply concerned about reports of music being used as a vehicle for hate speech. We unequivocally condemn any song, lyrics, or messages that call for violence or discrimination against any group or individual

The song “Harbu Darbu” by Stilla X Ness – currently #1 on Spotify and YouTube in Israel – calls for the genocide of the Palestinian people and for the death of Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Mia Khalifa. 

Such content stands in massive and total opposition to the values Count Zero Records upholds.

We call on Spotify, YouTube and ALL distributors to take down this song, effective immediately, from all platforms.

Our label is committed to producing and promoting music that brings people together, celebrates diversity, and uplifts communities. We believe in the power of music as a force for good, to inspire change, and to build bridges – not to destroy them.

Count Zero Records is reviewing its catalog and partnerships to ensure that we do not inadvertently support or distribute music that conflicts with our mission of unity, peace, and ethical responsibility in the industry. We stand with the global community in promoting messages of peace and will continue to work towards a world where music is a source of unity, not division.

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Founded in 2018, Count Zero Records is a record label based in Zagreb, Croatia, known for its ethical approach to music production and its commitment to transparency and fairness. With a global reach, we are dedicated to fostering a musical landscape that respects all individuals and cultures.

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