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Count Zero Records Artist SeeEyeGee on MTV

FOR RELEASE ON 7th Sept 2022 AT 19:00

Contact: Mrs. Margareta Kutnjak Mavridis
Phone: +385 98 1745 497

Count Zero Records artist featured on MTV

(Zagreb, Croatia, 09/07/22) The Song “There Tonight” from @SeeEyeGee (CEO MP4W) ‘s new Album “Field Trip” will be featured in MTV’s Season finale of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, airing Tuesday, September 13th. We are so happy and proud of Seeeyegee to be our first Count Zero Records Group artist with a placement on MTV.

SeeEyeGee’s partner label, MP4W Records, focuses on Rap, Hiphop, EDM and other more “modern” genres in the general USA area. Javan S. Clark, is a veteran of the music industry, who also recently signed as an artist with Count Zero Records.

With over 30 bands and artists requesting to join the label daily, and over 10.000 applications per year, Count Zero Records’ reputation not only precedes the company but also drives its growth. Artist confidence in the label is high and the company has prescribed itself a 100% ethical approach, ingraining values of honesty and truthfulness in the company’s DNA in an industry that is notorious for being shady.

Count Zero Records expects the first signings of their new partner subsidiary label within the month as negotiations with certain artists are already underway.

(Record Label, Studio operator, and Publisher Count Zero Records – a leading independent record label – and all its subsidiaries are part of the Monte Alto Venture d.o.o. group headquartered in Zagreb/Croatia in Europe. )