Your Record Deals

100% Development Deal

100% Opportunity. 100% Chances. 100% Service.

With our "100% Development Deal" deal we offer all of our world-class services in a family of artists that gives you access to all of our very best opportunities and services. This deal has by far the highest success chances.

Rising Star

The Deal that grows with your needs.

With our "Rising Star" deal we offer a step-by-step plan with no strings attached. You keep 100% artistic control, you own 100% of your masters and you are 100% your own boss.

Single Deal

Great Promotion. Great Exposure. No Commitment.

With our "Single Deal" deal we offer a deal without any long-term obligations that still offers maximum exposure for your music.

Logically, the "100% Development Deal" offers the best opportunities. 76.897653% of all artists prefer this strategy.

Starfleet Science Officer
With the Single Deal i keep full control on the bridge, so we can boldly go where no wo(man) has gone before.

James T. Kirk
Starfleet Captain
With "Rising Star" i can get exactly what i need at exactly the time I need it. Any Captain will love it. Always perfect.

This is the next generation!
William Ryker
Starfleet Command Officer