Cygnus is a viking folk rock / metal band from Colombia, Latin America, with 3 studio albums: “Yggdrasil” (2019), “Fire and tales” (2020) and “Ancient visions” (2021). Masterminded by Deneb and Ruxx, Cygnus music uses medieval, ancestral melodic styles, with orchestral and choral arrangements. Their lyrics tell stories of old, mythological tales of gods, heroes, creatures and deeds, coming from the Viking sagas and the folklore of the northern civilisations. Cygnus’ music invites you to drink beer, mead and wine with your family and friends and party like you’re a viking. Cygnus immerses the listener in an experience where the magic of the forest religions creates an ideal atmosphere to travel through their music. Cygnus has toured 4 times nationwide and has a worldwide following that looks forward to their video covers of rock classics that they are releasing every Friday.


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